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About Recreate

ReCreate is values driven organisation. We are passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential by looking for new ways of employing our inherent physical, intellectual and intuitive resources. Through our courses and the methods we teach, we help people explore their extraordinary potential and achieve their optimum level of health, all of the time, without compromise. Optimum health is not just about physical condition, it is about actively maximising all aspects of the human experience.

We believe:

* Everyone has a right to the best level of mental and physical health they are capable of
* We cannot separate health from any aspect of our lives – work or personal. It is our most important asset
* Achieving our optimum health can help us achieve extraordinary things in every other area of our life
* Everyone should take personal responsibility for their own health
* With the right knowledge and motivation most people can achieve greatly increased levels of health and performance
* Proactive management of health rather than tackling illness is good cost effective business
* Health should be managed with the same discipline and focus that we manage our business affairs
* Applied to the business environment this much more holistic approach helps us to look beyond our current ways of thinking and acting, leading us towards a new way of doing business

* We are committed to the ethical promotion of the principles of Integrated Health and Skilful Living to the areas of society where it can make the most valuable contribution.
* We aim to be seen as a market leader in the area of holistic life management, guiding organisations and individuals to maximise their inherent potential in a consciously responsible way, positively contributing to employees, stakeholders, society and the environment.

We are a responsive company who will endeavour to provide a valued contribution to the client’s business with professionalism and integrity. We will do this in an open and honest manner. Our success depends upon the innovative application of proven ethical health principles to a modern business environment.