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Client Approach

We take a flexible approach to our clients, tailoring our services in a way that will add most value. However, we have developed a structured approach that helps identify key areas for improvement and maximises success:

We take participants through a change model that has three basic steps:

1. Create the vision and desire

Assess and understand your own basic motivators; your fundamental values and beliefs based upon your life experiences. Where and who are you now, but more importantly where and who would you like to be. This is a where you create a clear and detailed vision of who you wish to be and the experiences you would like in your life.

2. Provide the tools

The next part of the process is to provide you with the mental and physical resources by effectively building the three pillars of Skilful Living into your life.

Once you have congruence between your personal values, your behaviour and your vision, you will live with breathtaking clarity.

3. Review and Support

This attempt at actively aligning personal values with behaviour is designed to bring about permanent and self-sustaining change which is stage three of the process. During the training you will go through the first two stages; you will be inspired to change and will be armed with the tools to take the initial steps. Follow-up support however is generally necessary to maintain momentum for longer periods and this can take the form of one-to-one sessions, CD’s and e-mail or telephone contact. We can also arrange additional work place activities such as yoga classes or massage days to maintain awareness.