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Skilful Living

The training courses we deliver and the individual consultations are all based upon our unique system of Integrated Health and Skilful Living.

Integrated Health is about the conscious management all aspects of life with the aim of achieving your personal optimum levels of health and performance; at home or at work.

Integrated Health is also about combining many different methods from a range of proven health care systems, both traditional and conventional. It draws knowledge and wisdom from traditional health systems including Ayurveda and Yoga as well as practices such as hypnotherapy, NLP, osteopathy and many more. We have taken the best and most practical aspects of each system and produced a totally integrated lifestyle approach that we have called Skilful Living.

Skilful Living is the practical application of these principles to your life. Skilful Living is about the proactive and conscious management of health and the principles are simple but very powerful. The result is living a balanced life with total awareness and encourages the development of our intuitive as well as rational skills.

Skilful Living has three basic pillars, which are summarised:

* How food influences energy levels and performance
* Balancing nutrition
* Learning to listen to your body – eating like a child
* Ayurvedic eight fold discipline of food
* Assessing your digestion
* Your emotional relationship with food (or why diets don’t work)

* A fifteen minute daily routine that includes: yoga, pranayama and relaxation
* The power of breath – breathing exercises for managing stress and anxiety
* Aligning your activities with Ayurvedic cycles for activity, eating and sleeping
* Ayurvedic daily, seasonal and time-of-life routines – from tongue scraping to oil applications
* Desk-top yoga – prevention and treatment of common work related complaints
* General postural awareness
* Relaxation
* Visualisation
* Fitness advice for the mind – choices, curiosity, consistency, consciousness, courage and confidence
* Understanding your Ayurvedic mind/body type and how it influences your life and work
* Developing greater awareness and passion